Why biological farming?

It is a good question. Why biology? Why precision nutrients? Why would we move away from agriculture that already works? We've been working on conventional agriculture and the methods behind it nearly 100 years now. Why change?

The simple answer is: we know more now. Balancing soil chemistry has fed billions of people and it has worked incredibly well. It came out of a deep understanding of how to use chemistry to grow plants, and it was a very successful understanding of agriculture.

It has had some downsides to agriculture lands: we have destroy a lot of ecology, eroded a lot of soils, poisoned our waters, and the harsh chemicals have left a lot of farming families sick. Though damaging, it got us to where we are today. We wouldn't have been able to feed the world without it. It is important to first appreciate that fact.

But, we know more now. We know that soil biology can cycle nutrients in plants and feed us. Research done by an incredible number of soil biologists have given us a deep understanding of how the soil beneath our feet work.

Farming using biology is the future of farming.

It not only is able to feed us, but it feeds the microbes & regenerates ecosystems. It has a lot of second order benefits that regenerate landscapes. We just innoculate the land with biology again, and it does the rest. Our job is to find the right biology, apply it at the right rate, and at the right time.

Farmers can grow food, fiber, medicine using biology. When land is too degraded, biology doesn't stick so easily. To kickstart the system, we can use precision nutrients

To jumpstart the system we can give plants trace nutrients to strengthen the plant's growth. The purpose of this is to increase the photosynthesis rate of plants. After that, biology takes over the process. Increasing photosynthesis increases the biology in the soil.

Using biology means you are letting life thrive in farmland. Life always finds a way of thriving and becomes increasingly more complex as we allow it to. We just have to build systems that let biology thrive.

Let's farm biologically!

Soil Carbon

Each 1% of organic matter we improve in the soil per acre, we sequester 5 tons of carbon from the atmosphere. About 26% of all non-ice land on earth is farmland. With biology, we can increase organic matter by 0.5% a year.

Every 2 years, we can increase 1% organic matter in farmlands. This is a very scalable carbon sink if we are able to scale up soil biologicals companies around the world. We can also stop deforestation in the tropics if we can increase productivity of farmlands using biology.