Spread - Soil Conditioner

Spread - Soil Conditioner

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Elevate your soil's potential with our Spread — Soil Conditioner. This powerful blend of biologically active compost, and beneficial microorganisms, including nitrogen-fixing and phosphorus-solubilizing bacteria, mycorrhizae, biochar, and soil fungi, works together to enhance soil health and promote vigorous plant growth. This product is a vast mix of diverse microorganisms that bring your soil back to life.

Our specially made high-quality, biologically active compost creates an optimal environment for microorganisms to thrive, improving nutrient availability and soil structure. Experience the difference in your plants' vitality and yield with our innovative Soil Conditioner.

To ensure the highest quality and effectiveness, we rigorously test the microorganisms in our soil conditioner under a microscope, guaranteeing that they meet the optimal microbial counts necessary for your crops to thrive.

The application rate is 100kg/rai. This is not a fertilizer. This product is to bring biology back into the soil.

Product features

  1. Targeted Nutrient Delivery: By delivering the right nutrients at the right time, our products allow farmers optimize plant growth, improve crop quality, and maximize yields.
  2. Microbial Inoculation for Soil Health: Our solutions leverage the power of beneficial microorganisms to enhance soil health and support plant growth. 
  3. Customized Crop Management Solutions: Our team analyzes the specific requirements of each crop and growing environment to develop tailored strategies that optimize results.


It is important to storage the materials correctly. All of our products should be:

  1. Stored directly away from sunlight.
  2. In a cool, dry temperature (15-24c).
  3. Away from potential contaminants, such as chemicals, pesticides, or other substances that could harm the beneficial microorganisms.
  4. Moisture should be maintained for biological inputs.
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Spread - Soil Conditioner
Spread - Soil Conditioner
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