Our mission

The core mission of Living Roots is to improve farmers access to profitable farming techniques. The consequence of improving farmers profits is regenerative landscapes, healthy nutrient-dense food, and carbon sequestration. But, it all starts with farmers making a livable profit.

We are #GenerationRestoration.

We started Living Roots as farmers in Chiang Mai. We run a farm called Sunshine Permaculture. In our own farming operation, we struggled to make conventional organic work. It took us years to find a solution that made our operation profitable.

We found biology to be extremely effective in growing healthy crops. Living Roots was born as we wanted to scale that to more farmers.

Our core belief is: The future of farming is biological. Not chemical.

When plants have complete nutrients, they are immune to pest & disease. Similar to humans – balanced nutrients in a person means high immunity from illnesses. Most farming in conventional manner is not giving plants complete nutrients, which leads to high usage of pesticides.

Our goal is for all farming in Southeast Asia to be regenerative, and driven by soil biology.

The most important step is first to improve farmers profits. Biology helps farmers improve profits by reducing disease, improving nutrient access to plants, and increasing yields. As farmers profits increase, they will be able to adopt more techniques to improve their land.

Farming costs should continuously come down as land regenerates rather than sporadically increase in the case of conventional agriculture. The land base of a farmer should also continuously increase in value rather than degrade.

About us

Avika and I (Abhi) started Living Roots with a simple goal: improve profits of farmers & regenerate the land in the process.

We want farmers to be able to transition off chemicals. Not wait 3 years to transition to organic, but provide a solution that works right away.

We want to be able to improve the way farming is done, the economics around it, and make it easier for everyone working around farming to be able to make a healthy profit.

Avika is a soil biologist that actively works on improving our biological products. She continuously perform trials with our products on our own farm and with farmers around us. She spends most of her time on her microscope and on our farm growing vegetables.

Abhi works on designing nutrient applications and using knowledge of plant physiology to continuously improve that research. He mostly works on keeping up with the latest RegenAg research and fermenting different plants and nutrients together to design new products.

We work together to combine the world of nutrients and biology into one very complimentary mix.

Our work would not be possible without many soil biologists, farmers, indigenous peoples, researchers before us. We have been able to synthesize the hard work of many incredible innovators before us to be able to offer this product. We thank them all for all the work they have done. They are absolutely a part of the Living Roots team in spirit.