Cassava has unique nutritional needs at each stage of its growth cycle. That's why we take a targeted, science-based approach to provide the optimal nutrients for each distinct phase of the plant's development.

Through our biological & nutrient products are able to precisely meet the crop's changing nutritional requirements from seedling to harvest.

Cassava has five distinct stages of growth from planting to harvest.

Our five-stage nutrient management system is designed to maximize yield, plant health, and tuber quality. We begin by providing essential nutrients to support robust early growth and root development. As the cassava plant matures, we adjust our nutrient formulations to promote healthy leaf growth, efficient photosynthesis, and vigorous plant metabolism.

During the critical tuber bulking phase, we supply key nutrients to enhance tuber size and starch content. Finally, we optimize our nutrient applications to support tuber maturation while minimizing post-harvest losses. Through this targeted approach, we consistently achieve superior results compared to generic fertilization method.

When the plant gets the right nutrients (supplied through biology) it is able to shield the crop against many pest & diseases, such as the Cassava Mosaic Virus Disease.